A campsite on a working farm

Here at the Camp Plas, you'll be enveloped in the workings of a traditional farm that's managed by farmers Charlotte and Barney. 


Whether that's spotting sheep being moved into another meadow, or in lambing time seeing the magical birth of tiny lambs in the next field. Some of our bottle-reared sheep are friendly enough to come up for a little stroke (which you might have seen on our instagram feed @plas_dolanog). Just come and ask us and we'll be happy to take you into the field to say 'Hello'!

Here at Camp Plas, we have our own farm dogs. You'll probably spot our little border terrier Pippin playing guard dog at the front of the Farm House along with her little brother Bertie, who is usually found indoors snoozing. Both love their bellies being tickled after they've let us know you're here! 

camp plas.jpg

Traditional Craft Courses at Camp Plas

One of the things we love about farm life is learning about the traditional craft and farming methods. Throughout the year we host events where you can learn some traditional skills such a felting with our very own wool (decorations or rug making). We will be updating an events page when dates are confirmed. 

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